I have seen plenty of articles on breaking in to the UX field and lessons learned in the first year or so of being a UXer, but not many that describe what happens further on in one’s career, or the transformation from practitioner to a mentor or manager role.


Thinking of today’s wearable interfaces, I can only think of the massive design influence that Swatches have given designers over the years. Now that I use my Google watch for my fitness goals, I now wonder how to apply more Swatch-like aesthetics to my default fitness watch interface.

Why Swatch? Some cultural history

I have…

Keeping up a creative practice is necessary but challenging. Online courses found on sites such as Domestika can help with accountability and inspiration.

I am a UX designer. Does this mean that I design interfaces all day long, every day of the week? Of course not. It is both healthy…

How to use OOUX to make sense of the mess and quickly make a difference on an existing site, by a quick discovery round and retrofitting existing assets.

I recently earned my certification as an Object-Oriented UX professional and I made this presentation, originally in Mural, as part of hosting…

mary mahling carns

#UX Designer and Strategist. I care more about typography than I probably should ❤️💚💙 for life 👀

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